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    Exclamation about crossover!

    hello again...i'm about to buy the parts for the Home Theater...and...i have a it okay for the surrounds to have a high pass crossover @500Hz?or is it not neccesary?

    the same would go to the center chanel, a crossover (12DB/oct@500Hz High Pass)....answers will be pleased

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    500Hz seems pretty high, I would think something around 120 to 150Hz. Let the HT gurus guide you though. I haven't mastered two channels yet. :)
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    In my opinion that's too high. I think the "standard", so-to-speak, is 80Hz.

    I guess it really depends on the size of the speakers you're using. The idea though is that if frequencies are low enough, it's difficult to tell where they're coming from, so that the sub can handle the bass, and you can't tell that it's coming from the sub and not the surround speakers. 500Hz, IMO, is too high to acheive that seamless integration with the subwoofer. I'd say 250Hz would be about the maximum-- a full octave below 500-- and lower is better.

    Hope that makes sense. If not, some of the HT folks will correct me.


    P.S.: What gear are you looking at?

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