I was wondering what other folks have thier dennon set up for the speakers they are using. am using rt55i and a csi5 for the fronts and a pair of carver cinemas for surrounds and a DT 2500 for the 6th in back. The fronts sound great but seem to be lacking somthing in the rear end and am running plenty of power (seperate amps). Room size is 25 by 30. The polk csi5 blew away the dt for the center and am not sure if its because now the fronts match or what, but the dt sounded boxy almost tiny the polk was warm and full sounding had a more real sound to it compared to the dt. The dt 2500 put in the back brought the rear end of the system to life though. As I experiment I am wondering if its the size of the room and needing bigger speakers to fill it out more. Have been eyeballing the rti12 for front l/r but have been reading from you guys that this may not be necessary. For a sub I have svs pb12/plus2. The room has concrete floors with carpet over the top. Through some carpet up on the walls to tone down reflections and though it looks getto it helped alot. Ran the room eq with the dennon and didnt know if thier were any other adjustments I could make with this reciver that others have found that could help. The manual is not very useful.
Thank yopu all very mutch for any thoughts.