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Thread: Score!!!!!

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    Default Score!!!!!

    I'm not a Klipsch fan by any means but I was in the market for a pair of 5.1 computer speakers and was ready to just build my own using the Hi-Vi B3N speakers. Low and behold, I decided to check craigslist and am glad I did:

    He says these retail for $100, when in actuality they retailed for $300 when they were a current model. They sell for $160 to $200 on Ebay, so getting them for $50 was a good deal. I drove over to his house last night, checked them out, everything was in mint condition, thank you sir, have a nice night! He did say the RCA input was messed up, but after numerous tests I couldn't get it to replicate what he was saying.

    All in all I think I got a stellar deal for $50, even though I can hear a few peaks in the response above 3k, which I think is the product of a crappy mylar tweeter. I'd like to get into the cases and disconnect the tweeter to see how they perform full-range, but man, I can't get the front piece off for the life of me. If these were to be used for 2-channel listening I'd probably dump them off in the bedroom or something, but using them 100% for computer gaming in 5.1, yeah, they'll work :D

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    Probably a simple 6db/oct single cap inline with the tweeter. Upgrading JUST that will make a substantial difference in the top end.
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