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Thread: Amp Suggestions

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    Default Amp Suggestions

    Hello Everyone..........I just purchased a pair of RTi10's and really like them but I think I need a seperate amp. I have a Harman Kardon AVR335 which is rated at 55 watts per channel x 7 which I don't think is enough for the RTi10's. I'm considering getting 2 Outlaw M2200's. Is that going be a good choice for my speakers? They do seem to be pretty good for the money. I am open for suggestions any info will be appreciated. :D


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    Those would be a fine choice. Actually there are tons of good amps to use including used. Adcom, B&K, and Parasound seem to be just a few of the favorites around here.

    I'm sure many more will chime in with good advise.

    Congrats on the speakers, and welcome to the forums!
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