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    Default optimum calibration settings for 7.1 system???


    Wanted some suggestions/help with the setup I have. Presently running a monitor 60 (fronts), cs10 (center), rti6 (surrounds), monitor 30s(rear surrounds) and klipsch rw12d subwoofer through a
    onkyo txnr509. First off wat do you think about this system?
    I realise the weak link here may be the receiver since it puts out only 80 wpc at 2 channels driven. My room size is 20'x14'x10'.

    Primarily I am worried about clipping issues. The audyssey calibration sets the fronts at -6db,
    center at -4 db, surrounds at -5db and subwoofer at -11 db crossedover at 80hz. Not sure if this
    setting is good. The rear surrounds connected thru external amp requires high calibration settings
    to get reasonable volume out. So i turn up the external amplifier volume up and reduce the db settings on receiver.

    Anything wrong that I am doing? Any suggestions to get powerful sounds without clipping? how high do u think I can go without frying any of my speakers?
    Thanks a lot guys. Any help is appreciated.
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