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    Default part finding god

    i am a part finding god...

    1965, less than 200 Oldsmobile Cutlass 442's were made with a 3 speed Ford Top Loader stick shift and Hurst Shifter.

    thousands were made with the Muncie 4 speed stick.

    My buddy Jack has a 65 with a Muncie in it but the VIN plate says it originall had a 3 speed. (the 4-sp Muncie was a better tranny but he's doing a 'numbers matching' restoration - motor is original and matches, and now he wants the matching tranny).

    Well lil ol me spent 3 days on the internet and calling just about every tranny place in north america -- found one, rebuilt in Portland, Oregon.

    Freight is gonna suck, but damn I'm good!
    "With your own attitude it is hard to survive here... But who gives a damn, we are here to change the world, and we dont need a password for that."
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    Yeah, but it took you three whole days! Don't you think you could shorten that just a little bit next time?

    J/K I bet that '65 is fun with a 442 stuffed in there! You'll have to post pics of his car!
    Quote Originally Posted by George Grand View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Jstas View Post
    Simple question. If you had a cool million bucks, what would you do with it?
    Wonder WTF happened to the rest of my money.
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    I like to find things :)
    Picking ones nose signifies a strong sense of self discovery :)

    System in the works: ;)
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    Dude, rare parts cost coin. Always have, always will. Just be glad you found one.

    BTW, the 442 doesn't have a 442 "in there". The 442 means a bunch of stuff but there was never a 442 ci engine from GM. Here, for those that lack a clue:

    Definition of 4-4-2 from the Oldsmobile Factory Literature:
    1964 (Original meaning)
    4: Four Barrel Carburetion
    4: Four On the Floor
    2: Dual Exhausts

    1965 (First year of automatic transmission option on 442)
    4: 400 Cubic Inch Displacement
    4: Four Barrel Carburetion
    2: Dual Exhausts

    1985 to 1987 (Last of RWD 442s)
    4: Four speed automatic
    4: Four barrel carburetor
    2: Dual exhaust

    1990 and 1991 (FWD 442)
    4: Four cylinders
    4: Four valves
    2: Two camshafts

    That's from Oldsmobile, the experts on Oldsmobiles. RIP Oldsmobile.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jstas
    for those that lack a clue:
    Talk about arrogant

    always correcting people
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    Finding a part for an older car can be a chore but sometimes it's worth it. Even with an item with the right part number on it, some must also have a date code on them that must be before the car was assembled. If you have a February built car with a June dated part on it, that's not correct. A lot of dated parts will only be within a certain time frame and the more people that document unmolested cars the more info that will be out there to rebuilt one that is missing key parts.

    Does Jack have any sites set up with the car or his work ?. It would be nice to see what another person is doing with a restoration.

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    An amazing story of a true collector who died and left a gold mine of parts and cars... Believe me, this IS worth the read!

    ----- Original Message -----
    To: ;
    Sent: Tuesday, December 06, 2005 7:00 PM
    Subject: [Streetrod] Parts, parts & more old Chevy parts...

    Fisette had no idea whether he was buying King Tut's tomb or Al Capone's
    vault when he agreed to buy 21 trailers said to be full of Corvettes and
    Chevrolet muscle cars and parts. Luckily, all of the rumors he had heard
    whispered around his northeast Wisconsin home turned out to be more true
    than he ever dreamed.

    So far, Fisette, a De Pere, Wisconsin, restorer and automotive repair
    shop proprietor, has opened 17 of the 21 sealed trailers one-by-one and
    found a Yenko Camaro with 45,000 miles; a pair of low-mileage 1970 LS-6
    Chevelles; a 1972 Camaro Z/28; two 1957 Corvettes, one a fuel-injected car,
    the other a dual-four-barrel-equipped example; and several other Chevrolet
    performance cars. Filling in the space around the cars like water around
    pebbles is an inventory of NOS and used performance parts that would make a
    Nickey Chevrolet parts manager jealous, and Fisette is not done cracking
    trailers open. He's also confident there's more muscle hidden in the

    How the trailers came to be full of new Corvette side exhaust systems,
    factory Corvette race parts, and highly desirable engines and parts is as
    interesting as the man who filled them.

    Donald Schlag's passion for Chevrolet performance cars, even when they
    were new, gave him the foresight to realize that someday, others would have
    just as much interest in them. So while he was working at his father's John
    Deere dealership, Green Bay Implement, Schlag began buying the parts from
    the local Chevrolet dealer's parts counter in the 1960s and stored them at
    the John Deere dealership. He also made annual trips to California, pulling
    a trailer behind an RV for a month at a time in order to retrieve more parts
    for his stash. When his father died and the dealership was liquidated in the
    early 1970s, he tucked the parts and cars in semi trailers.

    But when the very people who Schlag was saving parts for betrayed him by
    stealing a part, Schlag stopped sharing his collection. He even went so far
    as to completely seal the trailers off once they were full. By butting the
    trailers up against each other, not even he could go back in them. Schlag
    also stopped driving the cars he collected after one of his Corvettes was
    keyed in a parking lot. From that point on, he swapped the engines and
    slipped the cars into the trailers, never to be gazed upon again.

    Many local car collectors believe the reason why Schlag pulled the
    engines from his cars and installed a different engine before he put them
    away was to thwart thieves, since the cars wouldn't be numbers-matching.
    Even rare parts, like a first-generation race Corvette gas tank, was
    separated from its two filler neck pieces and its parts spread between three
    trailers. Another theory to explain why Schlag swapped and separated engines
    was because he predicted the engines would be worth more than the cars, so
    he pulled the hot engine from most of the cars and put a slightly less
    desirable engine in its place.

    Despite his unfortunate interaction with some of his fellow hobbyists,
    Schlag remained friendly. When scouring car shows and swap meets around
    Chicago, Milwaukee, and Green Bay for more parts in his rusty El Camino, he
    could be found engaged in a conversation in which he would even mention if
    he had a part or a car.

    "He'd talk about what he had, but he didn't brag and he didn't sell
    anything," said Fisette, who met Schlag before his June, 2005, death on two
    occasions. Through these brief interactions, people began to piece together
    what he had hiding.

    And while no one knew exactly what Schlag had, Schlag knew what they had
    in their garage. By being the local expert on fuel injection units and
    offering other mechanical services, Schlag became acquainted with cars in
    the area, which also helped him feed his collection.

    "There was a rumor that Don would remove your big-block and install a
    small-block [as a gas-saving measure during the second fuel crisis],"
    Fisette said. This would explain why about half of the engines Fisette has
    uncovered are big-block Chevrolet engines.

    Upon learning that Schlag passed away, Fisette took a chance on acquiring
    the collection and contacted Schlag's family.

    "I called her [Schlag's sister's] number, told her my name, and said I'd
    buy everything and told her I had the capability to buy and disperse it
    all," Fisette said. After checking with other hobbyists, Schlag's family
    decided that Fisette was the right person to buy the collection.

    "We were so lucky to find Larry," said Joanne Stepien, Don Schlag's
    sister. "I received several phone calls [from people interested in buying
    the collection], so I took their names and numbers. I had about five
    different people to choose from." Stepien then researched the reputations of
    each party, and Fisette was the only person to come back with stellar

    Once the deal was sealed, Fisette was ready to break down the doors of
    the trailers to see what he bought, and the first trailer he opened didn't
    let him down.

    "I hadn't seen inside any of the trailers. I did it all on Donny's
    reputation," Fisette said. "The first trailer I opened had two [1970
    Chevelle] LS-6s in it," he said. "It was absolutely total amazement." The
    Chevelles were parked bumper-to-bumper in the trailer, and the first he
    gazed upon was a gold four-speed, bench-seat car that Fisette soon realized
    was the LS-6 Chevelle his neighbor bought new. Fisette even remembers the
    day the neighbor brought it home from the dealership and showed it to him.
    Regardless of his memory of the car, Fisette prefers the Chevelle parked in
    front of the gold, four-speed car: a blue Chevelle with bucket seats and an
    automatic transmission, which he considers more driveable.

    Unearthing the Yenko Camaro shortly thereafter was obviously an exciting
    experience for Fisette, but it was opening a trailer full of factory
    performance engines that made the hair on the back of his neck stand up.

    "The most exciting moment was when I opened up a trailer and saw shiny
    engines up one side and down the other, and then two stacked shelves of
    them," Fisette recalled. More than 150 high-performance engines have been
    found, in addition to 14 nice, low-mileage cars, but the bulk of trailers
    contain parts. And lots of them.

    Since finding the trailers, Fisette has organized the parts in a
    warehouse to best determine what he has. While looking down the line of
    engines, Fisette smiled at a complete engine for a 1969 Camaro Z/28 engine
    and asked, "Isn't that pretty? It's a DZ-302 that's complete down to the
    breather!" The Camaro 302-cid engine is one of approximately six such
    engines he's found, and he's hopeful that it and many of the other engines
    will land back in the cars they originally came from, right down to the
    cast-iron COPO 427-cid engine block he's found.

    "I think it's going to give people a chance to make their cars correct,"
    he said. One hobbyist has already contacted Fisette to ask if he has the
    original engine to his Nova, which was sold to Schlag many years ago
    following an engine transplant. Although Fisette plans to sell all of the
    parts in one lot, he said he would try to reunite the Nova owner with his
    car's original engine.

    For Fisette, the hunt was more fun than the catch, and he wants to share
    that experience with fellow car collectors. Pointing to a 1958 Corvette
    radio, he said, "Imagine how happy this is going to make somebody."

    A happy man himself, Fisette is thoroughly enjoying the challenge
    presented to him. "I've done nothing but empty trailers since September,"
    Fisette said while surrounded by all the parts he's organized in his
    warehouse. "I walk in here and feel like Scrooge McDuck. I can remember as a
    kid thinking, 'I'd kill for a four-speed.' Now look how many I have got!"

    Finding such parts continues to be a treasure hunt in itself. Each time
    he opens a trailer, Fisette doesn't know if he'll find it filled cars or SS
    wheels hanging from the ceiling, engines lining the walls, and 55-gallon
    drums filled with performance heads and crankshafts. And even when he finds
    a trailer loaded with cars, he's never sure if he'll find another stash of
    fuel-injection units or Corvette knock-off wheels in the cars' trunks as he
    has on several occasions.

    Regardless of his few interactions with Schlag, Fisette feels he's come
    to understand the man, and if he's right, there are more surprises great
    cars and parts waiting to be found. One of those potential surprises may be
    another Yenko car. Fisette has found a rust-free front clip for a Nova in
    one trailer, a hubcap center specific to a Yenko Nova in another trailer,
    and he's heard that Schlag owned a Yenko Nova with a damaged front clip.
    Combined with the fact he has a title and keys to a Nova, Fisette is
    confident he'll soon uncover another muscle car icon from the Canonsburg,
    Pennsylvania, dealership. "I've really got to know him through this puzzle,"
    Fisette said.

    Larry Fisette is a worthy caretaker to the cars and parts collected by
    Donald Schlag, because he'll make sure that the cars and parts end up in the
    hands Schlag was saving them for.
    1973 Nova Custom,1974 Nova Spirit of America, 1977 Nova Hatchback,1973 Nova Pro-Street
    1974 Chevrolet Nova Spirit Of America Restoration

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    whoa... that really is an amazing story.

    it's kind of sad though. that Schlag guy collected all those parts and all those cars for all those years, but he never drove them, never really enjoyed them.

    sure it's nice for this other Fisette guy who'll sell them off, take a trip through memory lane, and have a good time.

    but that Schlag guy basically died driving an old beat up el camino when he could have had this pride and joy thundering him down the road.

    kinda made me think of my grandfather and how he stashed the cadillac away for so long. it's sad. i feel bad for that Schlag guy.
    "With your own attitude it is hard to survive here... But who gives a damn, we are here to change the world, and we dont need a password for that."
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    below's a pic of the tranny...

    still need the correct shifter linkage for it and the correct hurst factory shifter with "H 442" on the side of it.
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    "With your own attitude it is hard to survive here... But who gives a damn, we are here to change the world, and we dont need a password for that."
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