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Thread: Used svs 20-39

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    Default Used svs 20-39

    While my sub is being worked on by velodyn I picked up a used svs 20-39. Now from what I hear from all on this site they are said to be the best. Not hearing one myself I decided to give one a try. With shipping the total for a new one will run about 900.00. You don't see to many used for sale, that being said would have to be a plus. Now here was the deal. A three year old 20-39 in mint condition for 560.00. Hardly used and again stated mint mint. I myself did not know the resale value having not seen many resales. I took a chance and I will report upon receiving it.
    My dls 5000 was fine, but the auto on was not working all the time. That unit is three months old, and you may be seeing that as a resale.
    Well guys let me know what you think on this buy. Thanks Doug
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    That's a great price if it's a plus. If it's an PCI 20-39 that's only $40 below new. I think a decent price would be ~ $450-475 for the PCI.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ron Temple
    That's a great price if it's a plus. If it's an PCI 20-39 that's only $40 below new. I think a decent price would be ~ $450-475 for the PCI.
    Ditto :)
    Better to have and not need than to need and not have!

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    Agreed, if it's not a plus, not such an amazing price.

    I couldn't believe the deal I got. I grabbed one for an amazing $250 plus shipping. But that's a rare find I think, so don't take it too much to heart ;)Thanks nellis!

    But hey, forget it. You've already bought it. Just enjoy it! It's still a great sub that you have acquired.
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    SVS subs at retail price are a steal.

    Any cheaper is insane.

    Your already buying twice the sub for half the price. /////

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