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    Default Need help choosing new Sub

    First of all, my system is getting kind of long in the tooth but still sounds fine to me.(though I'm wondering if a total upgrade would really make a huge difference for the $$ involved. I hear the new speakers in the showrooms and they sound sooo sweet)

    Anyway,my current line-up consists of the following;

    Front's-Rt-55i 's
    Side surround RT-35's
    Rear surrounds FX-500i
    Receiver-Onkyo TXSR-800

    My sub was an old, JBL 10" downfiring 150 watt monster(compared to today's subs) but as a downfiring sub,provided good lows while still being fairly clear.Unfortunately,the sub quit working as I think its amp is bad.(a constant hum)

    I 'tried' a Velodyne VRP-10 and that just didn't do the job at all. I'm currently 'testing' a Velodyne DPS-10 that shakes the pictures even at the lowest levels.
    Both the receiver and sub have cross-over settings.

    My system is used primarily for HT. The room is 10'W x 18'L X8'H and has a hordwood floor.

    I'd be grateful and appreciative for any help.

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    svs pc-ultra..
    even the pb10 or 12 would sound great..

    I have the same speaker set up as you and I have the pc-ultra

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