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Thread: LSi9 Help

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    Default LSi9 Help

    Is there a small Polk speaker that is a good tonal match to the LSi's. I have LSi9s right now as my surrounds, but they are too big for the room.
    I need them to be about the size of the Polk satalite systems.

    Also, since I would much rather keep the 9s in the room, is there a way to put the drivers into a smaller cabinet or turn them into inwall speakers.

    Thanks for any help
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    lsi7 is the smallest that will match, unless you go inwall. othing the size of the little sattelites will be close to a tonal match as far as I know

    they do make lsi inwalls that are a tonal match to the Lsi series.
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    I'll trade you my 7's for your 9's :)
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    For the love of god, don't try to disassemble them. There is quite a bit of engineering in the size and even shape of the enclosure, and if you alter ANYTHING, it will all go to sh1t.

    I'll trade my satellites for a second pair of 9's

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