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    Default Simple audio quality test - Car Audio

    hey guys, got a troubleshooting question for you:

    i recently purchased and installed polk 6500 components in the front and 650's in the rear. on certain parts of songs, i am hearing some popping (for lack of better words) coming from my tweeters and was wondering if there is any tests i can run to isolate the problem?

    to answer and questions, i am running a pioneer DEH-P7700MP hu (22 watts RMS), speakers are not amped as of now, and i used stock wiring.

    i was thinking it could be one of a few things: lack of power from HU (doubtful), poor quality stock wiring, or possible poor quality recordings on mp3 cd's (most stuff is recorded @ 128 kps).

    let me know if any more information is needed. thanks in advance.
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    First...try the easiest thing. Play a real CD. If that doesn't do it, start the process of elimination. Are you sure it's just from the tweeters or is it just most audible from the tweeters? It's probably something in the wiring...loose wire or something touching metal in the doors or rear deck.

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    I had the same problems with my 6500s. I described the problem as "clipping" though I'm not sure if that is the correct term. I ended up dropping the midrange and upper midrange 2 clicks and the highs 1 click. The popping was gone, as well as the extreme blaring highs from the tweets kicking off the windshield (temp place until we cut the doors).

    If you have adjustability on your deck, try pulling out some of the middle frequencies and see if that helps.

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