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    Default add on processor?

    Can preamp processors be hooked up to a preamp/power amp, and be used just as a processor while still using your preamp. I ask this as I am very happy with my current preamp, but would like to add a current pre/pro. It seems like add on amp processors or just processors have become scarce these days. I really just want an amp processor with surround amps and center, and DPLll.

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    Can we assume that you now have a stereo (2 Channel) preamp now, and would like to add surround? It can be done but if you are using only 1 set of speakers, than you will have 2 volume controls. Some stereo preamps have a home theater pass thru circuit that will allow a 2nd processor by setting the 2 channel preamp to disengage the volume control. What gear, speakers do you have now?
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