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    Smile PSW505 powered sub

    Does anyone out there have any input on the PSw505? I have the RTi10's front and CSi3 center with Bose 301's for surround. Is the 505 a good choice for a sub? Do you think it will be too boomy? My room is 16X24. AV Receiver is Yahama RXV1600. Sounds real good...
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    Why would it be boomy?
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    i have a psw505 mated with older polk sda's ....
    i have also had the psw100,psw300,psw350..... the 100 and 300
    were fairly easy to setup and get good results....
    with the psw505 i found placement to be more critical
    (distance from walls, direction it is aimed, etc),, i also had to use
    foam baffles on the walls to diffuse some of the sound.......
    BUT,,, after i went thru these pains,, this sub ROCKS ! .....
    deep, tight bass ..... but you gotta work for it! same for the psw650.

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    I use my PSW505 in a smaller room 13’x18’ and it works for me. This sub goes down to 23 Hz, is relatively tight and nice for HT. I agree with “rhgibson” you have to take time to locate the sub in your room for ultimate results. You go through this exercise with all sub’s anyway to find a “right” location.

    My HT room opens up to 3 additional areas (dining room, kitchen……etc.) and thus my room “volume” area is larger than 13’x18’. The sub has to pressurize almost 3800 cubic feet. When I watch movies with large bass demand I tend to run the sub at higher db volume to pressurize the listening area. This works OK, but at the same time deposits a lot of strain on the sub.

    I spoke to SVS guys and they have recommended PB12-plus/2. The PB12-plus/2 would do 3800 cu.ft. nicely and no strain on the sub at all. The guys at SVS said the only strain would by on my neighbors!!

    So, if your room doesn’t have any large openings and/or high ceilings the PSW505 should be fine. There are a lot of nicer subs on the market, but IMO $ for $ value of PSW505 is cool.

    Hope this helps :)

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