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    Default DIY 2.1 computer system

    Anybody run across plans for building a 2.1 computer system? I'm interested in upgrading from my cheap Labtecs. Budget is $75.

    Any ideas?

    Alternatively, if there's an option to buy a great set at that price NIB, I'm all ears.
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    There was a post here, maybe a year ago, someone built an open baffle single driver setup for their desktop. They used a 3" or 4" Hivi driver, and seemed pleased with the results. Add a small sub to the mix, you're golden. As far as amps go, sounds like a $30 chip amp would be the ticket.
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    Hi Brad,

    Check out the HiVi B3n or B3s and the Aura NS3. The Tang Band W3-871s is also really good for a small DIY speaker.

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