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    Default Buying for the future

    Hey everyone,

    I'm looking to buy a Harman/Kardon reciever very soon. My question is as follows...would there be any difference in buying the HK 235 vs 635 at this point, when later on down the road I want to use the HK as a preamp, and get a good amp and speakers? Right now my speakers are pretty average (cambridge soundworks 5.1 surround sound setup), but I am fairly sure I will be getting LSi 7s or 9s, depending on the budget when the time comes. I know about the obvious price difference bt the recievers, but that is part of the problem...I'd be willing to spring for the 635 if it would help later on, but at the same time would like to save if it won't matter (i.e. I wont be able to tell a difference when either of those recievers are hookd up through a good amp)

    Does getting the upgraded reciever matter that much for my future setup, when I plan on using seperates anyways?

    My main listening will be for music, I am even contemplating ridding myself of the surround sound, and setting up a 2 channel system...not sure if that might change anyones advice?

    Also, any comments on the proposed setup? HK 235/635, amp (not sure which one yet...ideas?), LSi7/9 for mostly music? (Sub also not sure in an apt, so sub would effectively be off for the most part anyway)

    Thanks in advance, I think this is one of the best forums I've come across on any subject, everyone is extremely patient and helpful, yet opinionated. I read these posts all the time, but my novice-ness with this stuff as well as my budgetary concerns prevent me from posting or asking too many questions!

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    Get the 235, get the amp later (use the 235 as preamp).
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    right on

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    Well, I went by the local circuit city...and I ended up talking the price of the AVR 635 down to $588.....the AVR240 (they don't carry the 235 anymore...) was 540 new. Pretty easy decision, and I have to say I'm loving this reciever! Can't wait to get a few more bucks, and upgrade the speakers. LSi 7s or 9s?

    Any recommendations on amps btw? That is the area I'm least knowledgeable about.

    Thanks guys, your help is always much appreciated.

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    Amps -
    New or Old
    AV 123
    Etc /////

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