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    Default Who wants a good 5.1 DVD of The Doors?

    When I think of music that would benefit most from a great DD/DTS 5.1 or SACD/DVD-A remix, The Doors is at the top of my list. Their music just seems to lend itself towards a really immersive sound sort of experience. A unique sort of complex sound. I think the target market of a middle-aged consumer with money to blow on systems that lets them appreciate the recording would be really accepting as well. Maybe this is more difficult than 'just remixing and releasing' as Im making it out to be, due to rights or something else. But Led Zeppelin seemed to take an old recording of a live concert and turn it into a fairly well made and successful DVD with How The West Was Won.

    I have gotten a few Doors DVD's but the sound quality is mediocre at best. Am I missing a really good release that someone knows of? Or does anyone agree with me that it is about time to get a good quality Doors release?
    Tempe, AZ

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    Default LA Woman DVD-A

    Check out LA Woman on DVD-A. Great sound in multi channel.

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