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    Default 6.1 speaker setup on 7.1 receiver - how to wire?

    This may be a simple question but;

    I am considering purchasing the following to replace may aging Sony STRD-545 and a 5.1 Sony speaker set.

    Denon AVR-3806 7.1 Receiver
    Polk RTi8 (pair) Main
    Polk FXi3 (pair) Suround
    Polk CSi5 Center
    Polk CSi3 Rear
    Polk PSW505 Sub

    I have looked online, FAQ's, 3806 manual.... BUT I cant find any reference exactly how I should hook up the Rear CSi3 for the 6.1 as opposed to the 7.1 config...

    Left REAR?
    Right REAR?

    If I only hook up one channel of the rear will that cause a problem?

    Should I be looking for a 6.1 Receiver instead?

    Already wired for 6.1, 7.1 is out of the question at this point.....


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    MR, welcome. You missed the Note at the bottom of the speaker connections diagram which states "When using only one surround back speaker, connect it to the left channel".

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    More to the point, the same signal is sent to the rear left and rear right speakers anyway, so it shouldn't matter. this will change with upcoming 8 channel formats, but for now it shouldnt matter.

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