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Thread: noob question

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    Default noob question

    I have received all my speakers (rti10's, fxi5's and csi5) and have them hooked up to a hk avr 635. I have an old carver tfm-35 and hooked it up to the fronts and gave it a go and couldnt tell a noticeable difference. My questions are as follows:

    1. This may be the stupidess question I have ever asked. Having two volumes you can control how do I go about setting them. Should I turn the amp up to the max and use the receiver to dial the sound in? This will be a home theatre setup primarily. Sorry for such a dumb question but I am a humble man.

    2. Should I have noticed a difference in the sound quality. Thing like bass response and such.

    3. I have been watching ebay for a 5 channel amp and was wondering if a 150 wpc 8 ohm amp would be worth money?

    Thanks again for waisting your time reading this.

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    1. Crank the 35

    2. Make sure mains are set to large

    3. Depends on the amp design. 10's are fairly substantial, full range loudspeakers, the 35 should be a good match.

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