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    northern nj

    Default Ah.....NJ neighbors, aint they the best?

    I thought I had a bad neighbor, check these people out!

    apparently making dirt lines and a dirt mound in your yard is illegal.,2933,181833,00.html
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    Southern New Jersey, the clean part, where all the manure is...


    Right. Reminds me of the story about the yuppies who moved into a development that was next to a dairy farm. Next thing you know they are sueing the farmer because of the smell of the cows. They actually took him to court to stop farming.

    Some of these *******s need to wake up and smell the coffee, or the cow****...

    That guy is well within his rights. He'll win. If that was the case, no b-ball courts, no trampolines, no swing sets, the list could be endless...
    I smell ass, burning ass, glowing cherry red spanked ass.


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