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    Default monitor 30 crossover question

    Obviously from my post count and my question below I am not only a new member but also a regular greenhorn/rookie/neophyte/noob to home theater systems. Anyway, to give you some background, I have a onkyo tx-sr503 and a pair of monitor 30's. I know thats not a lot and not very impressive but its all I could afford at this point, I am after all, still a lowly college student. Hopefully in the coming months I can add a few more speakers and a sub.

    My question, since I don't have a sub yet where do I want to set the crossover? From my searches on this forum and the "education" section I think I am suppose to set it at the lowest possible which is 60 on the onkyo. But I read somewhere else that it might hurt my speakers and the onkyo manual is telling me to use 100. What should I do?

    I know this question has been answered in one form or another many times, I just wanted one tailored to me. Sorry :)

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    Without a sub, there's no reason to use the crossover, and you'll want to set them to them "large". Just don't crank them to hard - they're only bookshelf speakers.

    When you get a sub, you'll want to set them to "small" and play with crossover settings in the 80-100 Hz range.
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    Good advice by Adam. Once you get a sub try the 70-80hz range. Maybe 60hz. but I doubt they'll go that low beyond -6db. I have my crossover set to small & 60hz global but that's b/c mine go down that low within the +/-3db. window.

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