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Thread: DVD Connections

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    Default DVD Connections

    What's the preferred audio cable connections for a DVD palyer to my H/K AVR240? Optical? Coaxial? or just good quality audio cables?? The DVD player is a Sony NS715P and I use it mostly for video rentals. Right now, I'm using component video cables and just a cheapie audio cable I had laying around for my old Panasonic tuner.

    Don't mind spending some money for optical or coax if the sound quality improves to match my new AVR and Polk Monitor 70's, CS1 and sub.

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    i use optical, but only b/c i had a nice cable on hand and needed the coaxials for other means.

    No difference unless you're using very long runs, then an optical cable would suit you better.

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    I'd go with digital (coax or optical, whichever you prefer, there's plenty of debates over whether one is better or not but nothing definitive, so it's up to you), since your H/K probably does better decoding and bass management and all that than the Sony.
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    Yes, pick either type of digital cable (I personally prefer coax due to the more robust RCA plugs) - digital is the only way you'll get 5.1 Dolby Digital or DTS surround (unless your DVD player has multi-channel analog outs, however I'd still choose the digital connection).
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    hola george..
    i also have the hk 240 and monitor 70's, and when listening in two-channel, i have noticed a major improvement in sound quality when using standard rca's over a digital coax
    i would suggest doing a comparison by hooking up both at the same time (the digital to the front panel and the rca's to the dvd input on the back of the avr, as they are both directly connected to the dvd function or video 4 of your HK) -- this way you can switch from digital to analog by pressing the digital button near the center of your remote while remaining on the dvd function, affording you a quick and painless a/b comparo without the mess or exertion
    of course, if you have a CS1, you'll want to use a digital coax or optical cable for HT --
    but again, i'm only speaking of partaking of the two-channel
    try it out, and let me know :)

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