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Thread: carver amps

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    Default carver amps

    i am looking for a carver amp dont know what size but i want one to drive my rear surounds
    what are the good models and whitch would be good tostay away from? like ones that have a hum or make noise when you shut them off?
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    I haven't heard a Carver that I haven't liked. Anything preceeded by an "m" is good, vingtage Carver, when Bob was at the helm. One of my carvers is the m0.5t at 140wpc and it will drive my inefficient DQ-10's very, very well.

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    I have a TFM-45 (375 wpc/ 8 ohms) that does a great job with the SDA 1.2's. My ears give out long before the amp or the speakers do!:D
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