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    Default Persistent ground loop

    I've had a minor ground loop hum for as long as I can remember. I can't hear it unless the volume is turned completely off and it doesn't get louder with the volume. It occurs when the amp is on even if all the other components are turned off. I've completely changed components from SS to tube so I'm confident it's not equipment related. I've read alot of the threads so I've done most of the suggestions except trying the 2 prong adapter which I prefer not to use unless the hum is going to harm my speakers.

    I unplugged everything in the house except the stereo, didn't help.

    I turned off all the breakers except the stereo, didn't help.

    I used an extension cord to try different outlets even in the garage, didn't help.

    I don't have cable so that shouldn't be a issue.

    I put a new 8' ground rod in the ground, didn't help.

    I've tried Monster and Panamax conditioners, didn't help.

    My friend that is an electrician says it's probably a loose ground wire in one of the outlets, switches, lights, ceiling fans, etc.

    Can anyone think of anything else I could try?


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    try running a grounding wire between the chassis of your components...any wire will do, and attach it to the chassis....not sure about a "ground loop" but that cured my buzzing....
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    One thing I read is to make sure if you have more than one ground rod that all ground rods are connected.
    I rid my ground loop by running a ground wire to the chasis of each component in my system and all components through the Panamax.
    Have your electrician friend check the ground in your outlet. It seems to me if the outlet makes it to ground and you have all your components grounded then you might have another issue.
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    1. Try a cheater plug...reverse your power cords at the outlet.
    2. Buy a Mondial Magic ground isolator to plug your RG-6 cable feed into.
    3. Are your cables organized behind the rack?

    Check your outlet for loose connection (open the breaker first)
    Check your breaker boxes ground "bus" for tight connections, you'd be amazed how often there are loose ones.
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    Quote Originally Posted by candyliquor35m
    .....I can't hear it unless the volume is turned completely off and it doesn't get louder with the volume......
    Ignore it (or let it stress your life and spend hundreds trying to make it go away...which it probably won't :))
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    Could it be a problem inside the amp?

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    All the above. Also, you may have a neutral ground issue. You can pick up an "outlet" tester at Home Depot for around 5 bucks. Plug it into the outlet and see if you have a nuetral/ground wire swap/short. The tester is a quick way to find out if your outlets are all wired correctly with the "cold", "hot", and ground where they are supposed to be and that none are swapped. If you have noise on ground and it's swapped with the neutral (which will still power your amp), you will have a hum. Cheater plugs won't fix this.

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