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    Default Thom, custom install help

    Hey, ever done anything in a standard cab Nissan Pickup. I bought a pre made SubZone box and it was too small for my MM100's. I put some spacers on the box and they fit great now, but I have no leg room in my truck now. I was wondering just how unsafe is it to cut out the support bar that runs through the middle of my seat that happens to be sitting on my subs when the seat is back? Also have you ever heard of anything like "pushing" the back wall back to the bad of the truck? I know this may be a strange request, but I'd really rather not cut out the back of my truck, so any help on how to make this box work in my truck would be appreciated. I'd also really rather not spend another 200 bucks on a custom box.

    Dimensions for box: 36wX24hX7bdX4th with two 5/8" spacer rings around sub cutouts
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    Sorry, but I can't be much help with this. It's been years since I've been in retail and even then we rarely did systems in standard cab pickups (it was usually deck and twos). When we did most of the time it was a single sub and we made sure the seat still had full travel (or close to it). But that required making a box each time. I've never had to cut any seat supports, so I don't recommend it. The only thing I can think of is check with an upholstery shop and see what they think- there's a shop in my town that does quite a bit of custom work (like hot rods) and I've seen them do seats pretty much from scratch. Somebody like that could probably tell you how necessary the piece is.

    Is there any chance you can fit the woofers under the seats? Probably not, but some trucks have a decent amount of room under there. But that would still require new boxes.

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