So I've spent an evening with the Black Crowes and other various artists on my main rig and have now gone down to the secondary setup to evaluate my basement project. The project being my cannibalized Polk system. I am thinking that my weak point is the crossover point.

The 'cannibalized' Polk system consists of an older Pioneer receiver (VSXD 810) which can only crossover at 100hz at it's lowest point. Thats where the Infinity IL100 sub takes over. But I'm thinking there's a pretty good hole there. I've put the R20 mains on a Rotel 971 amp and am very impressed with the midrange and high-end performance of this budget speaker on this amp, but I think the lower register can be pushed a bit with a receiver that can go down a little lower.

So what I'm looking for is recommendations for a receiver that will permit an 80hz crossover at the mains at least, and will still push the center and surrounds (x4) respectably. I was thinking of a Marantz or Harman Kardon type rig. Please let me know if I'm heading in the right direction. Thanks.