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    Default Subwoofer Making Popping Sound

    I have a PSW303 Powered Subwoofer. It is 3 years old. No problems until today. When we are watching television, everytime you change the channel there is a popping sound. When it is a surround sound station you get a pop when you change the channel and another pop when it picks up the signal for the sub. Using a LFE cable to connect the sub from the receiver to the sub. Connections have been checked.

    There was a heater plugged into the same outlet as the sub. The problem started after my wife turned the heater on today.

    It works fine after the initial pop......

    Any suggestions????


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    Hello Eldon,
    Thanks for posting on the Forum. I'm not completely sure what is happening, but I'll give an opinion. Most of the time a popping sound from a sub-woofer that happens when some adjustment is made in an audio system can be traced to DC being present somewhere in the audio/video components. In other words, a small amount of direct current, that is present on the outputs of a TV set or cable converter box can cause a pop in a powered device if a selector is moved in and out of position. What you're hearing is the DC Voltage being dissipated.
    The way to figure out where this is coming from is to disconnect all the devices that are connected to your receiver, except the speakers and sub-woofer. Then make sure there isn't any popping sound when the receiver's input selector is changed. Then, one-at-a-time, connect each ancillary component back to the receiver, checking to see if the popping sounds have returned. This would then tell you which component is producing the DC Voltage and the popping sound.
    I hope this helps.
    Regards, Ken

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