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    Default weirdness with speakers last night

    OK, so I was watching "Contact" with Jodie Foster on HBO last night and at the start of the movie, the sound kept going in and out of my right front speaker. I turned to other channels on the satellite and listened to some music and had no problems. Does anyone have any idea what was going on here? I just hope my right front speaker isnt messed up!!
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    It was probably HBO's problem if you have not experienced it with anything else.
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    Yeah, I've had that happen with Directv... Someone just droppped the ball. Actually, once they had the surround channels comming out of the fronts & vice versa. I freaked for about thirty seconds until I changed the channel.
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    I get commercials every once in a while that come out of the surrounds only. Used to have a channel that only came out of the right front.
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