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    Default Bandpass sub box HELP!!

    I have 2 GNX104 10" subs and am looking for a box. I wanted to get a bandpass box to get the best efficiency. I was looking on the Polk site at their boxes and i saw this box ( This box is for the GNX108 model though. Can I use this box with my GNX104 subs? If not any other suggestions for good Banpass boxes or boxes in general? Please let me know cause i can't wait to install my system over spring break!!:D -Alex

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    i'll assume you've thought through all of the ramifications of sealed vs. ported vs. 4th vs. 6th order bandpass boxes, and you've decided on the 4th order bandpass for whatever your reasons are... if you haven't thought through all this, be very wary of bandpass, they are very easy to screw up...

    barring all that, welcome to the forum! There is no functional difference between the 104 and 108 other than the impedance of each sub, so yes, you can use the 104s

    if you're not dead-set on bandpass, i encourage you to talk through your options with this board, we'll help you find your optimum box...

    oh, and for other members, the link is this:
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