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    Default help setting up svs with stereo amp

    I recently purchased an SVS 20-39 CS. I plan to power with an older NAD amp that can be bridged and set to 4 ohms. Aside from setting crossover in my HK to about 80 Khz, is there a way to adjust volume with the receiver? And what devices should I acquire (SPL meter?) to properly set it up? Thanks.

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    Which HK receiver model?

    My 435 has crossover for all the mains, levels and even crossover specific to the LFE(sub) channel.

    I would get a db meter, it's handy to have.

    I would put the receiver sub channel at say -4db if yours reads the same as mine does, start with the amp feeding the sub turned way down and work the amp levels up to calibration at -4db. The reason I picked this is simply so you have some room to bump the sub up and down cleanly via the receiver channel level to fit different music and movie sources.

    Avoid running the receiver speaker levels into the +db ranges if possible.

    Sounds like your HK didn't come with a manual, go download the pdf copy from their website and read through it.
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