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    Default 2002 Silverado Extended Cab Upgrade

    Alright guys, the truck is paid for and the left front speaker is blown. I've managed to acquire the following gear over the past couple of months and it's spread out all over my spare bedroom at this time.

    - Pioneer DEH-P6800MP
    - Polk MMC6500
    - Polk MMC460
    - Polk C400.4 Amp
    - MTX Thunderform loaded w/ a single 10" sub and amp (yes I know some of you don't care for plastic but it's going in anyway)
    - Lots of nice StreetWires things (amp kit, speaker wire, interconnect cables, etc.) to compliment this installation
    - Sound deadening material from Second Skin Audio

    My goal here is sound quality and I hope I'm on the right track. I'm over 40 but still love to crank it up when I'm rolling down the highway. The only issue so far is that I'm concerned where to mount the amp. I was originally thinking behind the rear seat but I'm not sure there is enough room for it. Any ideas? Any suggestions or criticisms regarding the gear I've purchased? Looking forward to the feedback....

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    not a bad list you've got there... far as the amp, anywhere you can fit it that has some breathing room and doesn't involve the amp being upside-down should be great... make sure you put your sound deadining on the most important areas first, then branch out if you have excess...
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