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    Default RM6800 with Onkyo 503 question

    After reading so much about the double filtering effect, etc. I hooked up the front L+R speakers through the subwoofer as recommended by Polk. However on these front speakers only I hear a buzzing despite having no volume on the reciever. I hear silence from the other speakers. I rechecked the wire connectors and it appears they are well connected (16 g wire). The setup was as suggested (subwoofer=no which automatically sets the front speakers to large, crossover was 100). The subwoofer volume was at 60%. The buzzing did not go away with lowering.
    One obvious next step is to hook up through the subwoofer out.
    I will try that but any ideas on the buzzing?


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    Thanks for posting on the Forum. You should carefully examine the length of speaker wire that goes from the receiver, to the woofer and on to the speakers. It is important that these lengths of wire don't pass in close proximity to any wires that carry your house AC. Also make sure the speaker wires don't come near any of your video or audio components. It is best to gather all of the wires that carry AC and bundle them together, as best as possible, and secure them using wire ties. Then gather all of the signal carrying wires, dress them as far away from the AC wires, and secure them with wire ties.
    It sounds as though you have induced noise onto your speaker wires.
    Regards, Ken

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    Quote Originally Posted by mchokshi
    The setup was as suggested (subwoofer=no which automatically sets the front speakers to large, crossover was 100). The subwoofer volume was at 60%.
    I have the same receiver and speakers. I actually set the crossover at 125, with the subwoofer set at approx 60%.

    I'm very confused with crossover. I've spent a good part of the morning trying to find an article/blog/etc. pointing me in the right direction.
    Is 125 "correct"? Is 100?

    I'm not an audiophile by any means. I just want to be sure that I'm getting the most out of my equipment, while at the same time not damaging anything. Does anyone out there have the RM6800 with the Onkyo 503???

    Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!!!!

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