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    Default Struggling to locate front speakers

    I'm struggling to locate the front speakers. During framing last year of a 22 x 22 x 9 room I ran speaker wire to 3 locations along the front wall where the flat panel display is. While the center channel should be okay, I think the left and right channels are too far out from the center of the display (~7ft off center, 14ft apart, and above the windows). I ran the speaker wire to these locations due to wanting in-wall speakers and there being structural posts either side of the display.

    I'm now thinking that I should abandon the speaker wire for the left & right channels, and snake new wire starting on a traditional horizontal plane with the display and to the outer edge of the structural posts, down through to the basement.

    Alternatively, perhaps left and right in-ceiling speakers would be better - I can cut into the existing left / right speaker wires as it runs in the ceiling cavity in front of the windows before moving down into the wall cavity.

    Please see attached pre-sheetrock picture. You can see the speaker wire coiled in the wall above the windows, and the 110v outlet for the flat panel display.

    The side and rear surround channels are all in-ceiling and I don't anticipate any issues there.

    Any guidance is appreciated.


    (I just uploaded the finished front wall, and yes thats a temporary device until I figure out the new kit)
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    It is really speaker dependent. All require different spacing to image correctly. Give us some more info to help with.

    The photo shows the wiring above the windows. Is this the finished location?

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    For speakers I'm considering:

    option 1
    LC65i in-wall for left/center/right front
    LC60i in-ceiling for surround side and rear

    option 2
    LC65i in-wall for center
    LC65i in-wall or LC60i in-ceiling mounted in ceiling for left/right front
    LC60i in-ceiling for surround side and rear

    Both with PSW505 sub.

    Pre-amp to be Outlaw 990 with 7125 or 7075 power amp.

    And yes, the left / right speaker wire is behind the sheetrock in the cavity above the windows. This spaces them 14 ft apart.

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    I'm no expert on installing speakers or anything but I didn't think that you could install in wall speakers in exterior walls because of the insulation of the exterior walls. I maybe wrong but maybe you should check with someone who knows, just to make sure. It may depend on where you live, I guess.

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