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    Default Need a driver for a SDA CRS+

    I need an MW 6510 for a CRS+. Polk no longer has any and is substituting the MW 6503. I would be willing to buy a whole speaker or pair for the parts if someone has an non-functioning speaker or pair.

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    Welcome to the Forums.

    Your quest may be a difficult one. I wish you luck.
    polkaudio speakers: SDA-SRS-2.3 (modified) SDA-2B SDA-CRS+ RT3000p CS400i LF-14 Monitor 7B

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    Welcome to Club Polk.

    Used mw6510's show up every few months on ebay but these old drivers often arrive non-useable from shipping damage.

    Buying a pair of Polk Audio's new replacement driver, the mw6503 is probably the best way to go. When you call, have your credit card ready and mention you are a member of Club Polk. I think the drivers are $48 each.
    Life gets more interesting the more we play.

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