some of you may know I just got a Vox Valvetronix Ad120VTX. It Blew up. It stoped working. I never had a amp do that.So I returned it where I got it and no more Ad120VTX's in stock, they would have to oder me one. Umm NO. I want a amp now so I went back to old reliable. Fender Twin

Back in the day,I owned serveral Fender amps including a Twin Reverb. It was a 1974 model year or so and it sounded better then anything I ever played with.Today I could have bought the reIssue 1964 Twin reverb but the salesman Introduced me to the better improved EVIL Twin. Ok Whats the deal with this, it looks alomst exacly like a regular Twin except now it has a drive channel, and only one guitar input. I never knew why the Twin Reverb had dual inputs on both channels but they where there. I never used them. The EVIL TWIN has only 1 and I'm very cool with that. Looking in the back, alot has changed. The effects loop as volume controls for both in and out. Wierd but I'm sure I will find use of them down the road.They also upgraded the tube section with Groove Tubes. COOL!!!! Groove tubes are suppost to be the very best sounding tubes made especially for driving hard.There is a full and 1/4 power switch so you can play 25 watts or full power 100 watts.Well it was time to plug in and find out if Fender made excellent progress with building this amp or killed a classic name.

So the Store(Sam Ash) had one of my guitars (Jackson SL3) in stock so I could get a really good idea how it was going to sound. Tipically I pick up a American Strat and away I go.I played Strats all my life and love there sound except the noisy pickups.That you can get around but I didn't want that this time around.So I had the amp in standby waiting for the tubes to heat up and the salesman wanted to hear some of the cool Krank Distortion pedals he got in. He gave me Krank Distortus Maximus and another pedal I never even seen before in Tonebone by Radial Engineering. It was the Hot British Distortion pedal.While he was setting them up plugging them in getting more cords I started to play the Evil Twin. Hell this amp sounds almost exaclty like my old Twin Reverb but it has more drive, more power and more force. Clean was sparkle like Fenders are and I was completely happy with that. Then I setup the drive channel and tried that out. It has a Vintage Marshall Drive sound to itlike classic Rock. Give me more time and I probably could figure out a way to get more out of it.But it was nice and clear. Very clean(if you can call drive clean) overdrive tone. Very nice as I'm not used to having that in my Twin. Cool and now I was ready for the Pedals for Bone crunching Metal attack.
FIrst up was the Krank. Damn this thing is badass. I love it. It has so much drive I tought I had a Tripple Reco for a minute(just a minute).Man this pedal I can do alot with .Well built and the knobs are fantastic. The Tonebone also has some killer drive, different then the Krank but powerful and clear. It also has alot more flexibility.I took home the Tonebone to try at home. I should have taken the damn Krank as well but they don't include a power supply.What the hell I thought.No battery input no power, I gotta buy that 2. So I figured I can play with this Tonebone untill the pedals I ordered come in. I ordered a Boss OD-20 Distortion dual pedal and a Dual pedal CE-20 Chorus. That chorus is the best in the bussiness in my opnion. I completly love it.

Funny how things change. The Vox was excellent when it wasn't giving me problems. It started with the center handle rattling while playing certain tones, I hated that, then it started making buzzing sounds on D cords and such, then the damn left speaker went out, then the amp completely gave up. O well maybe faith had alot to do with it. I'm not a "VOX GUY" but I was becoming a "VALETRONIX"S GUY". I loved all the flexibility. Damn 32 channels of any way I wanted them. Can't ask for anymore then that except a working amp.

So Here I am completly happy with the new Improved EVIL TWIN. It's very nice and I can see alot of growing with it.

Now I just got to get all my effects and I'm set.