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    Default Finally coming out of my "Purple Haze"

    Micah -

    Back in the "Old Days", did Matt have a factory on Cross Street in "Balimer" where he set up shop to make speakers after the initial victorian house/basement factory?

    I seem to be having a "FlashBack" that he did.

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    Default must be some haze

    Not that I know of.

    The old-timers here only recall the original SoundScape store (downtown on Fayette St, I think). The speakers were built in the old house (which is near here in the Mt Washington area I think, I've driven past it), and sold to SoundScape originally. From what I understand.

    The oldsters here could be having memory lapses, you know. There may have been a dealer down on Cross St back then.

    Listen, speaking of Purple Haze: I recently found a pair of Polk Monitor 7s in the basement of an old house I was working on here in Baltimore -- they were so old that even Matt did a double-take when he saw them! -- and Darrell "rebuilt" them (cleaned them up, reset the drivers, etc) and they sound pretty fantastic. Matt dated them at 1975, and they were actually signed by hand by the QA checker on the rear label!


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    Smile SoundScape

    Thanks Micah -

    That Guy at the Soundscape store was (is) Truly one of my all-time favorite Salesmen! I was 14 years old back before I purchased an original pair of 10s. I would go to the store every Saturday to listen to them when he first got them in.

    Both he and I knew that it would be years before I could finally afford to buy them. But to him, it did not matter! He would always offer me a comfortable chair, put on my favorite albums, and let me listen to them for hours on end!

    He was also kind enough to answer all of my stupid, don't- know- a- thing-bout Audio questions, without ever becoming upset!

    I first broke into Hi-Fi under his guidance. He sold me my first set of "real speakers". I brought his old set of Dynaco A-25s! Wish I still had em.

    I would not trade that guy in for all the Circuit City. Best Buy, Progressive/Now Audio Guys in the World!

    Those 1975 Polks have got to be some of the first ones ever made. You got a piece of Audio History, my Friend.

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