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    Question Subwoofer SPL level?

    I have a simple question for you guys. I have all my speaker levels calibrated to the same SPL level at the sweat spot. The question is this, what do you guys set your subs SPL relative to the rest of your speakers? I'm just curious what everybody else sets their levels to. Mine is set between 10 to 15 higher, is this too high? Sometimes the base is just right, sometimes it seems too high or too low. Thanks for the input:)

    SONY 60" SXRD (HDTV)
    Explorer 8300HD (HD-DVR CABLE BOX)
    Toshiba SD-3750 (DVD PLAYER)
    Onkyo TX-SR702 (RECEIVER)
    Polk Monitor 60 (FRONTS)
    Polk CS2 (CENTER)
    Polk Monitor 30 (SIDE SURROUNDS)
    Polk Monitor 30 (REAR SURROUNDS)
    Mirage Omni S-12 (SUBWOOFER)
    Tripplite HT 1000UPS (POWER PROTECTION)

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    I set my levels all the same. Since I use uncorrected settings, that would make my sub about 2-3 db hot when spl's read the same with the meter.

    After I set all channels equal with a SPL meter. I listen to some music I like and adjust up or down by ear to get it right. (usually down about 1-2 db)

    Once I adjust for music - that is the setting I use for movies and music.


    Edit - as to whether your setting are to "hot" or not - I am sure there is more bass than the director intended, but if you like the sound and your sub will put up with it - more power to you. Thats not how I listen, but its your setup. In your system, its your opinion that matters.
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    Mains.............Polk LSi15 (Cherry)
    Center............Polk LSiC (Crossover upgraded)
    Surrounds.......Polk LSi7 (Gloss Black - wood sides removed and crossovers upgraded)
    Subwoofers.....SVS 25-31 CS+ and PC+ (both 20hz tune)
    Pre\Pro...........NAD T163 (Modded with LM4562 opamps)
    Amplifier.........Cinepro 3k6 (6-channel, 500wpc@4ohms)

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    I also set them all the same but i mostly watch movies near reference levels, and I have a very large room to fill, 26x16 with openings into a 10x8 a 10x12 and
    two 10x4. My poor svs does quite a nice job or pressurizing 6080 cu.ft. with less
    space or more subs i would run them higher, just because I am a bass freak.
    dvd player: samsung DVD-HD850
    receiver: Denon avr5700
    center: polk cs400
    fronts: polk rt800i
    surrounds: Unknown Polk monitor? series.
    sub: svs pb12 isd/v
    tv: 46 inch samsung

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    I use the same level for all speakers, sub included.
    Front: SVS MTS-01
    Center: SVS MCS-01
    Surround: Polk FXi50
    SurrBack: Polk Rt25
    Subwoofer: SVS 20-39PC+ (Qty 2)
    Pre-Pro: Integra DTC 9.8
    Amplifier: BA A7200 7 channel
    BLU RAY: Panasonic BD30
    HD-DVD: Toshiba HD-XA2
    PureAv PF60 Power Console (Qty 2)

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    Sorry to get off topic (I try to run them all the same), but of late it seems my RS SPL meter is WAY off on sub levels. When I am running my receiver test tones it will completely drop off and not even register on the sub tone. I have cranked the sub level way up to check it and used my auto calibration feature, plus changed batteries with similar results. Has anyone else had this same problem?

    Thanks- Greg
    AVR: Yamaha RX-V661
    DVD: Yamaha DV-C6480
    BR: Samsung 1600
    Mains: Polk RT55 (bi-amped)
    Center: CS300
    Sides: FX1000
    Rears: RT/FX
    Subs: SVS 20-39 PC+ 12.3 & DIY SVS 12.2
    Projector: Optoma HD70 w/ 106" Elite Screen
    Power: Panamax MAX 5100
    Remote: Harmony One

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    .... calibrated to the same SPL level at the sweat spot....
    I am thinking maybe a portable fan may be good here...or some towels or plastic sheeting...?:D

    But seriously folks.......My sub is about 2-3 db hotter than the rest.
    Sharp Elite 70
    Anthem D2V 3D
    Parasound 5250
    Parasound HCA 1000 A
    Parasound HCA 1000
    Oppo BDP 95
    Von Schweikert VR4 Jr R/L Fronts
    Von Schweikert LCR 4 Center
    Totem Mask Surrounds X4
    Hsu ULS-15 Quad Drive Subwoofers
    Sony PS3
    Squeezebox Touch

    Polk Atrium 7s on the patio just to keep my foot in the door.

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    Jul 2001
    seccond star to the right and strait on to morning


    my dou have what in your death star aka the house distroyer aka you have what in your theater is set to 2 db above the rest
    Gonzo's World
    BenQ 8700+
    115in screen
    PS3,X-Box 360 and Wii
    Sunfire Theater Grand III
    ADCOM GFA-7607
    four avalanch 18 subs 26.12l of displacement
    Crown xti 4000

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    Dec 2003
    3 sTars & Da SuN...

    Default To DA5176 & To GACOLE

    Run mine 5+ hotter than the rest on Movies and = (same level on the rest) when listening to music. Be advised, most Music is better with 2.0 GIG. ALSO, it is wise to use THX optimizer and not your receiver test tones freq. Spl must be in 90 when calibrating your sub. There is a link in this forum regarding a device on how to calib your sub, BFD(not sure if the name is right).

    search for BFD


    AVR:Pioneer Elite SC-07
    Surrounds: RTis
    2channel:Rti100 (carver driven
    Sub:SVS PB12-Plus/2
    Dedicated AMPs:Adcom GFA535, 2xCarver 1.5t, Carver m1.0t
    Wsrn:Hitachi ultra vision LCD60, 32XBR400
    PowerConditioner: MonsterC HTS5100
    PS3, Toshiba HD A2, etc: SonySACD/ Panasonic gears DIVX.

    MR3LIGION: Polkaudio; GSXR; E46; Reeftank;
    Odyclub; Xsimulator; Sony; Zune; Canon

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    New York


    I run my mine about 5db hot for everything.
    SVS PB12-ISD2

    Denon 2106(pre/pro)
    Adcom 5503(200x3)

    Audioquest Diamondback ICS
    Kimber Kable 8tc biwire(mains and center)

    "Don't let your silly dreams fall in between the crack of the bed and the wall."
    -J. James

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