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View Poll Results: Which Stereo Reciever

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  • Rotel RX-1052

    4 26.67%
  • Outlaw RR2150

    8 53.33%
  • Other

    3 20.00%
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    Question Stereo Receiver Comparison

    Hey all. I was wondering which of these two stereo reciecivers you all would recomend. My brother is thinking of getting one as his High School graduation present. I was thinking about either of these two but if you have any other suggestions let me know. trying to stay around the price range of these.


    Rotel RX-1052


    Outlaw RR2150

    The speakers are NHT-SB3
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    I admit, I'm partial to NAD. The two you posted are excellent choices. The NAD C720BEE is one to consider as well.

    The Outlaw has been out of stock , not sure what its availabilty is.
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    If you want to go a little less expensive, how about the Denon DRA-685.

    I highly recommend it. I have one and is not bad for a MSRP of $499 (can be found new for $250~$350 on the net). I have compared it to my NAD C270/C160 combo and it holds it's own very well. 100 wpc. It will drive a 4ohm speaker with no problems. For what you would spend on the NAD, Outlaw or Rotel, you could get the reciever and a nice set of bookshelfs. Just an option.
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    HK 3480. I have both it and the Denon DRA-685 mentioned above, and I would give the edge to the HK.

    Like the Denon, it has pre-ins and outs, plus a "subwoofer out" (but no crossover like the Outlaw), and a Dolby Virtual surround mode that is amazing.

    Plus, I also have a pair of SB-3, and I like the HK better with them than the Denon.

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    i just think the Outlaw 2150 looks so freaking cool. It wins my vote for that alone.

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