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    Default basic question? Here it is

    Alright guys, you have been right on with all your advice so far and thanks. Here’s another for you that’s probably the simplest one on the board.

    I’ve got a question regarding my TV/CABLE and DVD/VCR audio hookup. Here is what I’ve got. Please excuse any technical errors in my comments.

    Samsung 56” DLP TV
    (Model HL-5667W)
    Panasonic DVD/VCR combo (plays CD’s also)
    (Model DMR-ES30V)
    Comcast Cable (digital/hdtv)
    Harmon Kardon AVR235
    POLK RM6800 Satellite speaker system w/powered sub

    My video hookups are working fine and I get great sound and picture from the TV.

    My speakers sound great with the AM/FM

    The next step is surround sound to my Polk speakers. Is it as easy as just connecting three audio cables from the TV, DVD/VCR, and CABLE to my receiver?

    Do I even need (3) three separate audio connections? I have a toslink optical cable that I’m sure I connect from the DVD/VCR to the receiver, but is that all I need from the DVD/VCR?

    I have component video cables running from my TV to DVD/VCR for DVD as well as RCA cable for AUDIO/VIDEO for the VHS. Also have the “standard” cable to TV connections (five pronged component like video/audio cable)

    Since I spent most of my time figuring out how to hook up the speakers I’ve got serious mental block on the audio connections and am not picturing this right. Need a simple common sense suggestion to clear my mind. Would like to get this done in the next couple of days.

    Do you need more info?

    Thanks in advance.
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    Toslink is probably the best bet.
    It is the only sound signal going from my dvd to my pro. and works great for me.

    I would just experiment with your options, this will give you an idea of each option. just helps to understand how each connection sounds so as you upgrade you know what you like and think sounds best.
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    Center RT2000p's (Bi-Wired) (on each side of the television)
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    Thanks for looking

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    i like it very much

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