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    Default my kids' room home theater

    Hello I wanna know what everybody thinks about how I'm setting my 2 boys rooms ages 10, 8

    Onkyo TX-SR303 5.1 receiver
    Monitor 50 fronts
    CS1 center
    Monitor 30 surrounds
    PSW 10 sub

    Can you guys maybe tell me what you think about that or give me a suggestion. They both have projection TV's and cheapy DVD players in they're rooms for now.

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    You need to be more specific in your line of questioning.
    Equiptment wise, i'd get a better dvd player since that might be the weakest link. even a sony ps2 used as a dvd player and a game console might be perfect for them.
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    Both your kids have projection TVs in their bedrooms? At that age?

    If you will it, dude, it is no dream.

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    Better just hope they haven't been damaged for life already. I mean cheapy dvd players? Don't they deserve MUCH better than that? Don't be too hard on yourself when you come to the realization.

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    Default cool!!!

    Man, sounds like those kids have it good. I like hearing that. Contrary to what many think, 'things' dont spoil kids, lack of discipline does, imho. Go ahead and hook the boyz up.:D
    Everytime I think I'm out, THEY PULL ME BACK IN!!!!!!

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    Dude, you looking to adopt a well mannerred 32 year old? :D
    just kiddin.

    That set is more than adequate in the home theater dept for those guys. make sure they dont blast it and hurt there ears at a young age, playing devil's advocate, thats the only thing I'd lose sleep about. I hope there rooms aint to small...LOL
    Theater - Polk LSi15, LSiC, LSi9 speaks, DIY Sub (142.5L box, SVS plus driver, 500 Watt plate amp)...Outlaw 990 pre/pro, Carver TFM45, 2 X Outlaw M200 . Rotel RB980 . PS3, Monster 3600 power center

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    Anthem Pre 2l, Jolida JD100 CD player, CAL Sigma DAC, Carver m4.0, Polk LSi9 w external modified Crossovers (thanks Trey!)

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    Just a psw10? What kind of a father are you? Anyone who cares about their kids well being will buy them a *real* sub to teach them to appreciate clean and deep bass! You should be ashamed! :p :p

    Otherwise, you are doing just fine. I'm nearly 10 years younger than ohski... adopt me! :)

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    You are the best freakin dad ever!! Got room for one more? (although I see ohskigod and zero have dibs) I'm 30 and potty trained.

    I second the PSW 10 comment. You can do better and stay at the same price point. Buy a bottom of the line Velodyne or something.
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