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    Default DIY speaker cable, better then kimber 8TC

    I have read one article showing how to make a speaker cable using CAT5 network cable. According to this article, this DIY cable is even better then kimber cable 8TC??
    Have anyone tried this DIY receipe? pls let me know this cable really works.

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    It makes for a nice sounding speaker wire, but your fingers get so blistered working with the stuff that I didn't find it worth the pain.

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    Have you ever listened to a set of speakers wired with cat 5???

    If Cat5 was better, don't you think Ray Kimber would use it???

    If you want Kimber 8tc quality, spend the money. Or make your cat5 wires and suffer blisters and finger pain and not have a cable not as good. People online will do anything.

    Good luck with what you decide to do Bro.

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    That surely is a case where the time and materials invested does not justify the project vs buying a premade sonically similiar cable. I mean CAT5, or better cable is not cheap to begin with, then figure in the time to strip the outer casing and braid.
    Looks like they are capitalizing on the purity of the conductors in the CAT5. Actually I understand the way older phone wire from like the 60's was very pure copper as well. Maybe they could dig some of that up and braid it as well.
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