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Thread: rt5000 sub...

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    Default rt5000 sub...

    I have the rt5000 system. I see a lot of people recommend on here to use a seperate sub... why is this? each second half of the rt3000 is a sub and the cs1000 has a sub also?


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    Welcome to the forum.

    the sub on the rt3000p's is only ok. If you get a better sub you will be amazed at the improvement.

    I am trying to get a better sub now and I want to use the rt3000 subs for the left and right speaker. I am hoping this will help the 2 chanel sound improve.
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    The RT3000 sub is great for making the speakers truly full range, but I wouldn't use as a dedicated sub. Add a dedicated sub and you'll get the low low frequencies.

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