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Thread: sub boxes

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    Russell Whitsel

    Unhappy sub boxes

    I had a momo a while back, but it fried when it blew the corners out of the box it was in being attached to a MTX 1000d as it overheated and the metal fused. I replaced it with a Infinity kappa perfect 12.... and in comparison, to say the least, you just cant compare them, the momo was above and beyond in both clarity and thump-ability. My question is, can i even get a box premade that would hold 1 or 2 momo 12's? and where? as i plan to loose the kappa perfect when i sell my car.

    a now even more dedicated polk audio listener,

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    To obtain the best performance from these woofers, we recommend building a enclosure out of 3/4" MDF. If you are
    trying to locate a prefab enclosure, look at the enclosures from SubZone. Their toll free number is 800-377-7655 or their website address is ( ). If you purchase any prefab enclosure, seal all interior seams with a silicone caulking and install the gasket on the back of the mounting flange. You may also have to remove the carpet around the edge of the woofer opening to ensure a good air tight seal. To accommplish this use
    a sharp razor knife.

    If you need some assistance with enclosure recommendations,
    installation, or wiring give us a call at 800-377-7655 between the
    hours of 9 AM to 6 PM Eastern time and we will be glad to help.

    Kim, Polk Audio

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