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    Default SDA-SRS and CSi5 or LSiC center channel

    Has anyone got a favorite center channel to match with the SDS-SRAs? Polk mentions the CSi5 now but I believe they used to recommend the CS1000. Don't know about the LSiC though.

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    The LSiC matches wonderfully, especially if you have the upgraded tweeters on your SDA's.
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    Default LSiC and SDA-SRS

    Hmm, I was just reading DarqueKnight's post on conversions. I guess I could get the LSiC now while thinking about upgrading my stock SDAs.

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    The older CS400 or CS400i is a nice match with the SRS's stock SL2000 tweets, but strictly used market here. Sources are the usual suspeects with ebay your best bet.

    Shop/ bid wisely and you can get back what you pay for them, if you move on to the replacement tweeters.
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    Default SDA-SRS and CS400 or CS400i

    Thanks for the reply. I am leaning toward the LSiC at the moment. I see an eBay CS400i used for $199 today and Acousticsounddesign out of Vegas is selling the LSiC new for $379 on eBay also. IMHO a $200 difference is not enough savings on a used CS400i to warrant going with the older one now that I have read so many positive reviews regarding upgrading the tweeters in the SDA-SRS. But I was wondering until now what center would be a good match for SDAs with stock tweets. Anybody have an opinion of Acousticsounddesign?
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    Quote Originally Posted by bongomundo
    Anybody have an opinion of Acousticsounddesign?
    I haven't seen a bad report about them yet in a few forums, but you will have no warranty as they aren't an authorized distributor.
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    Default Suggestions from Polk on center ch spkr for SDA 1.2TL's

    My response may be to late to help. I wrote Polk for a recommended center speaker to match my SDA 1.2TL's with silk domes upgrade. The CS1000P recommended as best, followed by CSi5 as better match than 3rd recommended, LSiC. Forum members have made other recommendations. Though not specifically recommended to match 1.2TL's, read the CS400 sounds as good as the CS1000P if you have a separate subwoofer. Newer model is the CS400i.

    I would like input from others that may be using the CS400i with 1.2TL's with silk domes. I have an SVS PB-12 Ultra subwoofer in my system and the 1.2's put out plenty of bass themselves. I am not yet sure of center channel speaker to go with.
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