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    Cool Car Subs vs Home Theater Subs

    A thought which has plauged my mind since the day I have plotted adding a sub to my system.

    It seems as if this concept is part of a give and take, if you will. The home audio subs I have demoed seem to have much more clarity and accuracy if you will, more suited of course for the means in which they were built. But because of that built in amplifier and what not, the price tag can become rather steep.

    Then you have car audio subs... even with a modest $500.00 budget you can purchase an amp and a sub *or two* that can completely rock out a 1K+ home theatre sub. The sacrifice however is intruding sound that doesnt hold much quality, and is rather boomy. But the sheer amount of volume you recieve from the low price makes it a tempting alternative.

    Taking into account the adapter and needing a reciever which is capable of 4 ohms, what would you guru's recommend? Taking aside of course the age old "whatever sounds best to you" response, Im curious to know how others feel about using a car sub in their home entertainment system.

    Would you? Or wouldnt you? And why..?

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    I have often contemplated using a "car sub" in my HT. My reasoning being that i work for CC, and can get car subs cheaper than going to an outside vendor. So I also would enjoy viewing comments on this subject. Also I would like to pose another question. Why can two different subs say 12"'ers respond at different frequencies? If they are placed in equal sized enclosures will they be the same??

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    Taking into account the adapter and needing a reciever which is capable of 4 ohms
    you could always get 2 4ohm subs and wire them in series to make 8 ohms and drive them off any rcvr you would just need to put some sort of in line coil to cross the subs over.
    or you could do what i did at one time and ran an entire car system in my house. a friend and i built towers and in each one was: 1-10" sub, 1- 8" mid sub, 2-5 1/4's, and a 1" tweeter. using 2 precision power amplifiers, a pheonix gold electronic cross over, an audio control eql, and an alpine six disc changer with the vcr out puts ran into it for movies. man that system was fun.. the 120w to 12v converter to handle the wattage was spendy but at that time it was cheaper than buying all new home stuff
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    That is Classic... but I can't talk... I ran my Pioneer CD player off a 12v inverter and used my infinity 5x7's in boxes, in my dorm untill senior year. Then I purchaced an Aiwa Mini-HF with surround. This was the start of my HT quest... 7 years and it keeps going.
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    I used a kicker 2x10 sub for a while. It worked out well in a small room.
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