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Thread: akai aa-r30

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    Default akai aa-r30

    well I took the day off of work to take my son to see his early head start class and meet the teachers and all that stuff, then took him to a doctors app.,got new tires for the car and went to a couple of garage sales. I went up and looked around, the only interesting thing I saw was an akai receiver. went back to the car and told the wife your turn. I also asked her to see how much they wanted for the receiver. well she picked it up, It was a wooping 2 bucks. I hook it up to my cheap panasonic speakers and it works fine, volume control is scrathcy. The panasonics sound the best I have ever heard them. I will not hook it up to my sda'a until I have cleaned the volume pot. Anyway just wanted to share my 2 dollar find.
    Speakers:SDA2a, sub:Atlantic Technologies 172 PBM
    Pre:B&K PRO-10MC(2ch)
    Amps:Parasound HCA 1000a
    SourcesOppo DV-970HD, Xbox360, Kenwood KT-5300

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    Default The Akai aa-r42, that I'm familiar with, put out 60 watts.

    The aa-r40 put out 30 watts.

    I'm guessing that the aa-r30 puts out 20 watts per channel.

    Now, I can almost guarantee you that power figure is measured at 8 ohms.
    If your aa-r30 came with the owner's manual (which I doubt), it will almost certainly have said "Do not connect to 4 ohm loads". Why ?

    Because the output transistors from those days can't really handle a lot of current. And your power supply for that Akai is probably unregulated. The trick in those days was, in short, put a 6000uf or 8000uf or ..... heck, whatever will fit in the dam case to smooth out the power rails.

    Hook up a NICE set of Polk SDA's to that receiver, and I believe it'll be looking at 5 or 6 ohms. Get a little carried away with the sound, and you have the possibility that your $2 garage sale receiver may regurgitate all over your SDA's. :(
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