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    Question Crossover wiring

    I am installing mmc6500 in my boat, due to the potencial of water spash and very limited space, how far away can I mount my crossover box from the speaker? The distance I would like is 12 feet.

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    I see no reason that you can't mount your crossover in a remote location. What gauge wire were you planning on using?
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    Default crossover

    I will be using 16 gage wire, is that enough? Any ideas on better brands such as monster cable?

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    16 gage should work for you. Due to the distance you wouldn't hurt yourself to go with 14 gage or higher either.
    High purity low oxygen copper is a good price vs performance choice. Monster would work. Other brands to look at might be Canare, Cardas, Belden, Liberty, and on the lower price end but still decent quality, Dayton Audio.
    Here are a couple links to take a look at.
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