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    Default Question about audiogon

    I have been looking to upgrade my Pre amp. Was on audiogon Sat Am and saw a CJ 14L for listed price emailed seller I would buy it and gave my phone # as a sincere gesture to buy. No email reponse all W/E. Looked on audiogon this Am and expected to see a sold by the listing,but NO I see listing was deleted. Is this normal or did he figure out his price was too low?? He has great feedback by the way. I responded with an email to thank him for letting me know he was deleting the listing.He responded he was busy and had received over 50 emails and it sold in 5 minutes. Is this fishy? Sorry just had to vent.


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    It's all about timing....some things sell real fast, some don't.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dorokusai
    It's all about timing....some things sell real fast, some don't.
    The first e-mail I got on my 1C's was from Dor after like 2.5 weeks on the 'gon!

    Oh well.


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    Audogon is really more about seriuos buyers, if you see something you like at a good price, jump on it because it won't last on the site to long. I have listed stuff on their and sold within the first hour with multiple offers. After a few days look for the feedback and you will see the item really did sell. You snooze you loose on Agon. One last thing do not say your going to buy and then back out they are very anal about doing that as a friend of mine got negative feedback for doing this.


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