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    Default Replacement for R50 ?

    I currently own ONKYO HTS-780, which I am planning to upgrade with polk speakers.

    I got the CSI25 for a good deal from Fry's. I was planning to get R50 which matches CSI25 but missed the deal that Fry's running on the same day when I bought CSI25. When I went last week to enquire about R50, they said, R50 and R30 are discontinued. They won't carry them any more. They still have R15, which can be used for surrounds. The person working in speaker department in Fry's mentioned that they will replacing with R70 sometime soon.

    I tried lookiing up on the web for R70, but I could not find any information. Does anybody know, what would be replacing R50?

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    I am not sure what is replacing the R50 but I thought I would give you some other info.

    I bought some R50's from Outpost about a week ago at $69.99 each. They werent listed online but when I called they said they had some and shipped them. So you might want to try calling their 1-800 number. The item number for the R50's is 4005092 (cherry finish).

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    try ebay there are always 3 or 4 sets of R50's floating around there and alot of the time they are NIB.

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    If you decide to go the used/EBAY route take a look at the monitor series such as the Monitor 60's and the RTi series as well such as mayber RTi8's.
    Both these lines cost more each as you progress from Monitor to RTi lines, but they are better sounding speakers if you can stretch your budget that far.
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    The R series was replaced with the M series. Here's the R30 replacement:
    Appears to be same speakers with some cosmetic changes.
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