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    Default Need matching help

    Hi everyone my name is Bob and I live in Va.
    Many years ago I bought the CS350LS center channel speaker and the LS F/X surrounds and the PSW150 sub but I never got around to buying a matching pair of front left and right speakers.I ran out of money and bought a set of JBL's that kinda looked like Polks LOL.Anyway all my Polk stuff is just like the day I bought it and now I want to buy Polk left and right fronts.What would be the ideal ones from the new catalogue.I was looking at the Monitor 70's cause they sound great and look cool but would they be a close match?
    My receiver is a Pioneer VSX1015TX
    thanks in advance ,Bob Dunlop

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    LS series....LS50/ 70/ 90.

    If you're mainly vintage, stay vintage. Don't worry about the new series if you can find some vintage compliment. Depending on the model, they aren't that rare.

    P.S. Welcome to Polk Forum, but punch yourself in the nuts for buying JBL.
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    What Mark said. I'd even throw in the early RT series...8,12,16.

    I plan for the future. - F1Nut

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    Hey dorousai,I used to live in the Woodbine /Lisbon area up near you!
    Anyway the JBL's were real cheap!LOL
    Idealy I would love to have a set of LS90's as those were the ones I had originally planned on buying but I don't see any for sale anymore.
    Is there anything in the new catalogue that would be close enough?Not asking for perfection because I understand that probably only the LS series would be a perfect match.
    Thanks ,Bob

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    I think the RTi series would be close, but don't give up on finding a pair of LS 90's or 70's so quickly.

    There three pair of 90's on ebay this past April...
    More later,
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