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    Default rti8 Vs. Monitor 70

    Can someone please help me decide btween the rti8 and the monitor 70. Both are very similiar in price.Any helpful info would be greatly appreciated.I am also thinking about an onkyo receiver txsr703 or txsr803
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    I have listened to both, the RTI8 just sounded better in many ways. The 70 was nice, but to my ears, the rti8 is better.
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    I would second the recommendation on the RTi-8's. If for no other reason they did an upgrade on the tweeter. If you read the Polk reviews on the Monitor 70's they had several cases of the tweeters blowing.
    I can not speak for the Monitor series, but I had a very brief stint with the R50 and I took a tweeter out in about a week. I do listen loud, but the tweeter still failed at a lower than anticipated play level. I returned them afterwords as I wasn't crazy about the sound anyway.
    Although different in size, it might be the Monitor series shared similiar tweeter technology to the R series.
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