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    Default Need Input on Low $$$ Scanner/ All-in-One Printer Purchase

    Getting ready to pull the trigger to add scanning capability here. I am not looking to spend more than $150.

    As I am a separates kind of guy, stand alone flat bed scanner is the way I am leaning. Plus the Epson Styus printer, that I've had a few years now, still works well and is good enough for what I do with it. Not sure what I might get for my Epson, but I think the odds are good that its resale would make the all-in-one route competitive.

    I've read the latest Consumer Reports and per them there are a couple, high-value candidates for both choices in my price range. Canon's Canoscan 4200F seems like the leading flat bed option. Amazon has it for ~$89 delivered. For all-in-ones, Canon's Pixma MP450 looks to be a great option. I have not checked on-line pricing for it.

    Any input on which way to go, models I should consider and places to shop for the best price will be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance....
    More later,
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    I've had good luck with my Canon printers and scanners. I forget the scanner I model, but it was a Canon, got it for cheap at Fry's like $50 or so. It does a great jobs with scans, and the included software has the ability to save the files as .pdf's which I really like.

    I own both Canon ip5000 and ip6000D printers. They both make awesome prints and the ink (genuine Canon) is generally cheaper than other brands. I love the full duplex printing and hidden paper tray.

    Never used the Canon AIO's but I imagine they are decent as well.

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    I have a cannon scanner, the lowest price one I could fine and am very very impressed with it's quality and it's drivers (window's, not audio ;) ). The pictures look quite good and the speed is fast enough for me.

    Go Cannon, especially if Consumer Reports liked them. They are, after all, a no-bs magazine.
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    I bought Wendi an Epson that does good work and is easy to use. Nice thing is the color carts are sold individually fairly cheap which is better than replacing them all at once.

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